How to Play Mega Blackjack

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Dozens of blackjack variations continue to delight loyal visitors to the online casino. This game with its simple rules and affordable strategy has conquered the player. However, providers do not stop and create new variations of the game. Mega Blackjack has also become one of these.

What is Mega Blackjack

AGS developed the game in 2017. It differs slightly from the classic version of blackjack but has several features that will expand your gaming options:

  1. 6 decks are used.
  2. Gamers can split double cards and aces up to 4 hands 2 times in a row. After splitting, double downs are possible.
  3. Even if the dealer loses, the player isn’t considered to win (it happens at least once in 9 games). So you also won’t be able to give up beforehand.

The main difference from the classic draw variants is the payout:

  • natural blackjack will be paid on a 3:1 system;
  • if the hand approaches 21, the payout will be 3:2.

That sets Mega blackjack apart from other variations. Modern casinos actively use all types of blackjack to attract players. You can read more about it in the Oshi casino review.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mega Blackjack

Let us highlight a few significant advantages:

  1. The casino advantage is lower – 0.82% – 1.32%, which means you can win with a higher probability.
  2. The natural payouts are higher than the standard ones – 3:1 or 5:1 (for single-handed card combinations), so you can get $300 or the whole $500 for a $100 bet.
  3. If you’re bored with the classic variations of the hand, you can try something new with unique rules.

The entertainment has its disadvantages:

  1. High variance compared to other variations + dealer loses 1 out of 9 times. So, according to the rules, you don’t win in this scenario.
  2. You will need a new strategy because the classic one might not work. Many portals publish scoring tables, but you will still need to study them.
  3. Mega Blackjack is still spreading slowly in the online lobby; you need to look for a slot room with this machine.

If you are tired of the classic blackjack offerings and want variety, try finding the Mega version and try it out.

How to play and win

The order of play doesn’t differ much from the usual:

  1. Before you deal, you bet on the limits that the machine sets.
  2. There is an additional Buster Blackjack bet. It can be made along with the main one.
  3. Wait for the deal.
  4. You can apply hit / stand/double down / split.
  5. Watch the dealer’s cards and bankroll for the next deal.

The moves and fundamentals of the game are similar to blackjack, so the discomfort may arise only at the beginning until you understand the tactics and strategies.

It shouldn’t be challenging to find detailed tables. But, first, take some time to get to grips with the basic concepts of the game if you’re new to it, and then study the strategy tables.

Now you can practice without risk in the demo version. It’s free and shows you all the features of the deal and the combinations you’ll fall out of. Of course, you won’t get any winnings, but you’ll appreciate how well your strategy works.

Even if you have planned the game perfectly, be sure to check the lobby you are registered with:

  1. Check the licensing and data protection details;
  2. Make sure that the gambling hall has a good reputation and that there is a payout guarantee in place;
  3. It is essential that the casino accepts users from Canada and offers payment methods available to them, including in cryptocurrency.

Mega Blackjack is another option to relax at your favourite gaming table. A minor but affecting difference in the rules adds to the excitement of the game, while high winning odds and better payouts make the machine attractive to Canadian players.